Friday, August 20, 2010

The Venom Alcohol Stove

As many people know, I've been on an alcohol stove kick lately. My fascination in them lies with the fact that they're cheap and easy to make, plus who doesn't like anything having to do with fire? Anyhow, I was looking to do a little bit tougher stove out of some aluminum bottles that many beer and energy drink companies use. I wound up with a couple bottles of Venom energy drink. I would have rather had the aluminum bud light bottles to work with since I like beer a lot more than energy drinks, but I couldn't find any of the beer in aluminum bottles lately. I'm not really sure what's up with that, but the Venom bottles seem like they'll work pretty good.

The reason why I wanted to use the aluminum bottles like that is because they're thicker. As a result, they're a LOT tougher than a pop can stove. Now, I will say that there's nothing wrong with the pop can stoves. I've used the same one for several years without incident. However, as several backpackers have found out, they're not so receptive to being stepped on or handled roughly...enter the aluminum bottle stove. While I haven't done any scientific tests on any of them, the aluminum seems thick enough to withstand being jumped on and close to being ran over by a car without incident. I've discovered a way to make one that functions and is built basically the same as the traditional penny stove. They're a little bit harder to get the two pieces to fit together, but with a little coercion with a torch and some stretching of the outer piece, they will fit together quite nicely. I've got the pieces cut out now, so an update will be coming soon with the final pictures and any additional nuggets of info I might come across.

Here is a video basically showing what I'm talking about. However, since my cookpot is a bit bigger than the one he is using, I will be placing the jets on the very top.

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