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My Review of Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Sandals - Men's

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Sporting a lightweight design and high-performance outsoles, Chaco Z/2 toe-thong sandals set a high standard of comfort.

Excellent Outdoor Sandal

By thelosthiker from Central Kentucky on 8/2/2010


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Comfortable, Good Arch Support, Breathes Well, Durable

Cons: heavy

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Commercial Guiding, Watersports, Travel, Going Out

Describe Yourself: Casual

I've had my Z/2's for seven years and dread the day I have to give them up. The soles are just now starting to wear a bit thin, the straps are still in great condition though. I've guided for a whitewater outfitter for several years and I have used these sandals for every single trip. I've also wore them on countless backpacking and hiking trips. It's safe to say that I've put them through the wringer and they're still going strong.

When I first bought them, I was a bit apprehensive about the toe-loop. They took a bit of getting used to, but once I got the toe strap adjusted just right, I will never go back. They came highly suggested by other guides, so I decided to try them and I'm glad I did!

They are simply the most stable sandals you can work/play in, hands down. Yes there are other shoes out there that might a bit more stable, but they're just Shoes might offer a bit more protection as well, but they do not offer the freedom and breathability that the Z/2's do.

As with pretty much any sandal, I suggest you clean them every so often to keep them from stinking, but that's a given. Otherwise, they're the most breathable thing you can have on your feet while still protecting them. Many adventurers, guides, photographers, filmmakers, etc...use these, especially in wet and/or humid environments where shoes and socks become a problem to keep clean and dry.

They work great on land and in the water, with one exception...although it should be a given as well. They're not the greatest things to wear to the beach. Sand gets in the footbed, in the straps, and between the straps and your feet...leading to some serious abrasion if used for an extended amount of time in that environment. Once you get in the water though, chug them a few times and that will get most of the sand out. Occasionally you might want to pull the straps back and forth in the footbed and rinse them out as well.

I prefer to use these over hiking boots/shoes on most of my lighter trips although for trips with heavier loads, they do not offer the same support as a boot and were not designed to. As for sheer distance, I've never had a problem. Although to prevent chafing, you need to properly adjust them and have them broken in before taking any longer trips.

The only problem that I can really think of is for some people who aren't used to them, they can be a bit heavy. That's the tradeoff though for a super-tough pair of sandals that will take anything you can throw at them.

One of the big things that people (including myself) love about Chacos, is the ability to send the sandals back to have them resoled and/or restrapped in the event of a mishap or if they are simply worn out.

The bottom line, these are great sandals for casual all the way to commercial use and they look great in the process. The footbed is very supportive and will accommodate just about any foot given you pick the right size and width. Chaco's have an almost cult-like following and it's for good reason...they're tough as nails, comfortable, and the signature Z's they leave on your feet(tan-lines) are a huge bragging right!


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