Monday, August 02, 2010

My Review of Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set

Originally submitted at REI

Backpacker April '07 says these ingenious bowls will ''...mash into a tiny crevice of your pack; impervious to heat, cold, and hard knocks.''

Ok Travel Bowls

By thelosthiker from Central Kentucky on 8/2/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Lightweight, Compact, Durable

Cons: Pricey, Unstable, Difficult to Clean

Best Uses: Car Camping, Backpacking

Describe Yourself: Professional/Guide

What Is Your Gear Style: Minimalist

I decided a few years ago I would give these little guys a go, and I'm pretty much indifferent about them. They're pretty tough and super packable, but can be difficult to clean and not the most stable things in the world.

I use mine more at work fixing oatmeal for breakfast than I have for camping, but that's mostly because when I camp, we usually pack up freeze dried or dehydrated food in a couple bags or tupperware containers. We usually pour the hot water in the bags or containers and eat directly from them.

The theory behind the squishy bowls is great, but they could use a little improvement. They're a bit difficult to clean sometimes (especially in the woods), especially with sticky foods, sauces, etc...and there's no real way of just sealing them off with a lid or anything. They're a bit unstable when filled with hot food and trying to move around the campsite. It's extremely easy to grip them too hard and squish the food out of the top of them. I understand you have to make a bit of a trade-off to get the flexibility, but think if they were a hair stiffer, they would be a lot more stable and still just as packable.

I think part of what bugs me too is the price. I think they're just a tad too pricey for what they are and what they do. If they were closer to $10, then I might not feel so inclined to point out the flaws. They work ok and I probably would still recommend them to a friend, but I wouldn't really rave about them.

All that being said, I'll still continue to use mine and I may very well get another set if they're on clearance or something, if anything so we can have a set for me and a set for my wife. Until then, the big one is good for packing to work in my laptop case and fixing some oatmeal for breakfast, plus makes a pretty snazzy water bowl when camping with our beagle (Yes, I wash it between those two methods of use...thoroughly).


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